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Title 1 Parent Engagement (10.17.23)

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Title I funds are used to promote academic excellence, enhance educational opportunities and equity for our children and families, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing leadership, technical assistance and financial support to schools with the highest percentages of students participating in the free and reduced meals (FARMS) program.

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, reauthorized as the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965, reflects the aspirations of the Montclair Public Schools for all our students. The goal of the Title I Program is to provide academic excellence for our students to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging Common Core State Standards. This is accomplished by:

  • Focusing on improving the skills of all students through research-based practices.
  • Supporting early reading programs.
  • Developing a strong system of academic support for students.
  • Offering parents supports to enhance communication and home-school relationships.

For the 2021-2022 school year, Montclair Public Schools will receive federal funds to support the operation of the Title I Program. Generally, Title I funds are allocated to schools where the percentage of children of low-income families is 35% or higher. Since Montclair Public Schools does not have any one school with a FARMS participation rate of 35% or higher, the funds generated for the district are distributed, generally, to the schools with the highest FARMS participation rate. Accordingly, the identification of Title I schools varies annually based on each school’s FARMS participation rate.

There are two types of Title I programs: targeted assistance and schoolwide programs. With the exception of the two schoolwide programs at Charles H. Bullock and Glenfield Middle, Montclair Public Schools operates a Title I targeted assistance program in all schools. See also details of Title I glossary terms.

Title I Audit Report/Title 1 Action Plan (9.7.18)
Board presentation: Title 1 Review Summary (6.6.18)

2021-2022 Title I Schools

Buzz Aldrin Middle School
Charles H. Bullock Elementary School
Edgemont Montessori School
Glenfield Middle School
Hillside School
Nishuane School

2021-2022 Title I Budget

The district’s Title I budget is approximately $639,006. This allocation is distributed to schools with the highest FARMS participation rates on an eligible per pupil allocation. All schools receiving Title I funds will use a portion of their Title I school-based allocation for supplemental afterschool programming and ongoing parent involvement and engagement activities. Each school will use any additional funds to respond to specific school-based needs.

Parent Involvement

All Title I schools will wholeheartedly embrace parent engagement and involvement. To that end, each school will hold their Annual Title I meetings to inform applicable parents/guardians of programming. Also, schools will always solicit feedback regarding how to better serve parents/guardians. Feedback can be given at any time to your child’s school principal. Furthermore, each school will have regular parent involvement and engagement activities that are available by contacting your child’s school principal.


According to Title I requirements, parents/guardians of students participating in Title I schools must be notified at the start of each school year of their right to request information about the professional qualifications of their children’s teachers (Parents’ Right-to-Know). Information the LEA must provide, if requested, includes: 1) the certification and/or licensing status of the teacher; 2) degrees held by the teacher; 3) emergency or provisional status of the teacher, if applicable; and 4) qualifications of any paraprofessionals serving the child. Parents must also be notified if a teacher who is not “highly qualified” is instructing their child for four (4) or more weeks.

2021-2022 Title I Focus School

Comprehensive schools are five percent of all Title I schools having the largest gap between the "all students" subgroups and the lowest performing subgroup or a Title I eligible high school with graduation rates 60% or lower. Montclair has one Title I Focus School: Glenfield Middle School.

Title I Service Model

The Supervisor, Title I will collaborate with school communities receiving Title I funds. This collaboration will focus on eliminating achievement gaps, increasing parent involvement, and building teacher capacity through program monitoring and technical assistance. We believe that partnering with schools to provide supplemental support will positively impact school improvement. The Assistant Superintendent for Equity will provide supplemental research-based support in the following areas: instruction, data analysis, professional learning, family and community engagement and documentation.

Title I Complaint Procedure

Complaints regarding the Title I program will be addressed using the Title I Complaint Procedure.

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