Policies and Procedures

Birthday Celebrations

According to the board approved Food Guidelines, NO food is permitted for birthdays.

Also, please note that birthday party invitations cannot be distributed in school unless each child from the class is being invited.


According to Board Policy: Dogs are NOT allowed on school property whether they are on leash or on your person (arms, bags, etc.).

Dress Code

Northeast School does not have a dress code, but we do ask parents to consider their children's safety and comfort when selecting school clothes. Play clothes are recommended, including sneakers or other rubber-soled shoes. Please avoid flip-flops, crocs, and other backless shoes. Keep in mind your child's physical education and art schedule in selecting the day's attire.

Emergency Contact Information

It is the responsibility of families to complete emergency contact information in Genesis. If you need assistance with this, please contact the main office.

Field Trips

Part of the Northeast experience is to provide enrichment through field trips. A few weeks before a class field trip, parents will receive a permission slip and notice of any admission or bus fees. Lunches from home must be packed in a paper bag marked with the child's name (no lunch boxes) and may not include a thermos, soda cans or glass bottles. Siblings are not permitted on trips with parent chaperones.

Lost and Found

There are containers set up near the porch door exit in the basement. Items that children have misplaced are placed in the containers. You and your children are welcome to check the containers for lost items.

PLEASE NOTE: The Montclair Board of Education will not be responsible for cell phones, IPods, or other valuable items that are brought to school and are lost or stolen.

Lunch Program

The lunch program is run by Pomptonian Food Services in each school. You may prepay for lunches through the website.

Students may either bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch at school. All students eat in the cafeteria. School menus are sent home monthly to help students decide whether they wish to purchase a school lunch. The menus are also posted on our website and on the district's site as well.

There is a "peanut free" table in the cafeteria. Students who have an Individual Health Plan developed with the nurse will be seated here. Children may invite friends to join them who do not have any nut items in their lunches. Students are constantly reminded not to share food— please reinforce this at home.


We believe in the importance of movement for child development and learning. As such, there are multiple opportunities for children to move throughout the learning day. Teachers facilitate different exercises or movement activities for periods of time, including some fun movements with Go-Noodle. In addition, classes often earn extra outside recess time as part of our Bucket-Filling program. Kindergarten classes are scheduled for 30 minutes of additional movement each day that involves outside and inside play and exploration.

All students have a scheduled twenty-five minute daily recess period. The children will go outside even during the winter months, so please send your child dressed for winter weather.

The following are the only times when we will not go out for recess:

  • Real feel temperature is below 28 degrees
  • Precipitation
  • High winds
  • Icy or messy surface conditions

Even during indoor recess days, recess supervisors facilitate movement activities in combination with student directed activities. Each grade level has a T.O.W. truck (Toys on Wheels cart with board games for children to select from as an option for inside recess)

Recess is not taken away as a consequence for behavior decisions unless a child is serving a school suspension. Teachers do not take away recess for individual children and/or the whole class. A child may have a "quiet lunch (eating time)" as per our Code of Conduct, but will be included in the 25 minute recess/movement time listed above.


As per Board Policy: Any eligible child shall be admitted to the Kindergarten provided:

  1. The child will have attained the age of five years on or before October 1 of that school year.
  2. Proof shall be furnished of immunization against the communicable diseases at the time of enrollment or such immunization shall be completed within 30 days from entry into the school, or the pupil is exempted from immunization in accordance with policy.
  3. The child shall have been examined by either the school or a private physician, and the results shall be furnished to the school on the form provided.
  4. Pupils transferring into the district are expected to present copies of records from the previously attended school (or district) to aid in pl Also required are proof of immunization and proof of identity.
  5. Initial placement shall be made on the basis of the records, but adjustments may be made at the discretion of the administration when assessment indicates that such adjustments would be beneficial to the child. Parents/guardians shall be informed of this policy on registration.

Residency Hotline: (973) 509-4128

Those with questions or concerns regarding non-residency of students may call the above listed hotline number. All reports may be made anonymously and will be kept strictly confidential. Callers do not have to identify themselves when leaving a message.


Since the school day is long and children need to refuel, the classroom teachers allow for snack time as part of the instructional day. Our classrooms are Nut/Peanut Aware, so note that children cannot share snacks and will not be provided with a snack if he/she forgets it at home - please reinforce this at home. Please make sure that you provide your child with a healthy, NUT AND PEANUT FREE choice using the following list:

  • fruits
  • veggies
  • pretzels
  • yogurt
  • cheese
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • Goldfish
  • Pirates Booty
  • water

The following are not allowed during snack time: No potato chips, popcorn, candy (never), cakes, crackers, granola bars, humus, donuts, cupcakes, nuts of any kind, etc. You may pack these items for your child's lunch, but not for snack. Candy and soda are NOT permitted in school.

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