NE Geo Bee 2024

Northeast School's 20th Annual Geography Bee - 2024

Do you know which continent alpacas are mostly found in the wild? Northeast students do! March 15th marked the 20th anniversary of the Northeast Elementary School Geography Bee! This was the first year that Northeast hosted this flagship event during a school day, which maximized student and parent involvement. In fact, we set an all-time record with 54 teams and 156 students participating! Check out this video highlighting this year's Geo Bee!

1st Place - Yellow Cactus Megalodons: Vivian Liebermann, Willa Crowley, Xavier Black
2nd Place - Black Turtles: Peter Johannsen, Roman DiPietro, RJ Tretola
3rd Place - NJ Kinder-Gardeners: Lucian Segedy, Joseph Hsu, Carter McDonald
3rd Place - Team Global Kids: Max Tilner, Jack Kramer, Walter Gillespie

Grade 1&2
1st Place - Geo Tigers: Deven Reddy, Cormac Thompson, Leonardo Randazzo
2nd Place - Global Puppies: Jolie Tang, Mia Srikanth, Winnie White
3rd Place – DomiNation: Jameson Keating, Nathaniel Clark, Ari Penta

Grade 3&4
1st Place - The Compass Crew: Benjamin Mohren, Arya Saireddy, Madelibe Muntz
2nd Place - Globe'easters: Nir Vainsencher, Boris Simonov, Olivier Dupre Deriphonse
3rd Place - The Globallers: Freddie Forbes, Cameron Youngs, Nate Kolbe

Grade 5
1st Place - NE Explorers: Sebastian Mills, Armas Kikoski, Bryce Stokes
2nd Place - Northeast Navigators: The Final Chapter: Marcel Arbelaez, Toby Arbelaez, Jack Stofkoper
3rd Place - M&Ms: Alexa Rodriguez, Manvi Manivannan, Paula Roever

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