In order for the board of education to fulfill its responsibility for providing a thorough and efficient education for each pupil, the complete cooperation of parents/guardians and pupils is required to maintain a high level of school attendance. The frequent absence of pupils from classroom learning experiences disrupts the continuity of the instructional process and limits the ability of pupils to complete the prescribed curriculum requirements successfully. A pupil must not be absent more than 10 days per semester in order to be considered to have successfully completed the instructional program requirements of the grade/course to which he/she is assigned. The board will report infractions of the law regarding the attendance of pupils below the age of 16 to appropriate authorities.

Calling out Absent

Parents/guardians are requested to notify the school early in the day when a child will be absent and informing the school of the reason for the absence. Please make sure that the school has a working phone number for contact.

Tardy Students

Students are expected to be in school on time. Late arrivals slow down not only your student's learning, but also interrupt the rest of the class-and the teacher. The first bell rings at 8:10 am. Students have from 8:10 am- 8:25 am to put away their coats, backpacks, etc. and be ready to start the instructional day promptly at 8:25 am. Students who arrive to school after 8:25 am are marked tardy. After 8:25 am, students must report to the office to be signed in and receive a late pass. A conference with the parent and the principal or dean will be required for students with excessive tardiness.

Please note that classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:25 am, students should be in the classroom ready to learn at that time, not entering the school building.

Signing Students Out Before the End of the School Day

The board recognizes that from time to time compelling circumstances will require that a pupil be dismissed before the end of the school day. There are varying situations that may justify release of a student from school before the normal time for closing. Such situations are justifiable only if the release does not jeopardize the pupil's educational program.

Notification of an early dismissal must be made in writing in advance by the student's parent/guardian and should state the reason for an early release from school. No student shall be permitted to leave the school before the close of the school day unless he/she is met in the school office by his/her parent/guardian or a person authorized by the parent/guardian. All students must be picked up from the school office before 2:15 and signed out before they are released.

Students will not be called out of class after 2:15 pm-this is too close to dismissal and causes confusion for the classrooms. It is important that students are getting home safely and last minute changes make supervision more difficult.

Transferring to a New School Out of the District

Please notify the school office as soon as you are aware your child will be transferring to another school outside of the district. A Student Transfer Card will be completed (name and address of new school is needed to complete the card). Once the principal signs the card, it will be returned to you to present to your child's new school upon registration. This card authorizes the new school to request your child's records.

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