4th Grade Wax Museum 2024

Black History Comes Alive
4th Grade Wax Museum - February 2024

This past Wednesday, the Northeast 4th Grade class under the guidance of Ms.

Sherry Ayres, gave the Northeast community an unforgettable experience. As a

tradition and in celebration of Black History Month, the 4th Grade hosts a Wax

Museum. For this project, 4th Grade students spend the month of February

researching a famous black american. Through their investigation they record

information about the life and achievements of their selected person. All of

their work is consolidated into a brief biography that is read over the morning

announcements for the entire school. Additionally, they include this bio on a

poster board style presentation inclusive of images, and other striking details to

represent their historic figure.

The culmination of their work is a celebration of black history for the whole

school. On the day of the wax museum, students are welcomed to dress up like

their historic figure. Each 4th grade class takes turns situating themselves in

front of their posters which are arranged like a museum in the Global Studies

Center. When the museum opens, spectators see all of the students posed like

statues with buttons on the floor in front of them. By stepping on the button

you activate the statute, which comes to life and begins to share the rich history of the person they represent!


4th grade families and students from across the building were in awe of the

impressive public speaking and information that was shared. I, personally,

loved that each presentation started with a quote from the historical figure that

truly capsulated the life and work of that person.

See if you can guess who these historic black americans are!

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