Northeast Overview

Northeast School is home to nearly 450 Kindergarten through fifth grade students. English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies constitute the core curriculum. All students attend weekly classes in Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology. Students in grades K-3 attend Library classes. We also have an instrumental band program for students in grades 4 and 5.


Children are heterogeneously assigned to classes at each grade level. A developmental approach is implemented in the primary grades with emphasis on the use of tactile materials, integrated language, and classroom learning centers. The fifth grade teachers team-teach various disciplines and involve students in project-based performance projects as well as cooperative group learning experiences. Smaller group instruction occurs through additional classroom support with teaching assistants, resource center teachers, curriculum support teachers, parent volunteers, student teachers, and other support staff in various content areas.


Our magnet theme, Global Studies, is a powerful perspective for examining and understanding our world's people, places, and cultures. Geography is a subject that can unite the curriculum and support academic skills. Studying the world provides our students opportunities to reflect on cultural diversity, the global economy, politics and real life issues. Global education at Northeast School is a meaningful way to excite children about learning and to teach the necessary skills they will need as tomorrow's citizens, leaders, peacemakers and protectors of our resources.

Each grade level studies a designated continent using the National Geographic standards as a framework. Students use maps, the environment, politics, topography, current events and populations to understand the past, present and future. The Global Studies teacher interfaces with all students and teachers to develop and integrate these skills into the curriculum.

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